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Shadows in the Night

Shadows in the Night - M.A. Church Eh... I really enjoyed this book. For the most part, anyway. I am kind of getting into shifter stories. And this one had a nice enough plot that I was able to get into it straight away. I liked the characters and had guessed early on what would happen with Simon and Hawk. It didn't surprise me in the slightest.

“Nice cut meat you have there.”

I have learned that that is quite a common way of talking in mm books. Now, I have read many names. Many of them are ones I would use. But... I can honestly say that the one above is not a personal favourite of mine. It just reminds me of sausages. Or meat in general.

After I read that, all I could think about was that line when I was reading a sex scene or a scene that would mention ^^^. So, I am giving this three stars because for a large part I enjoyed it. Had that sentence not been there the book could have easily been 4. I will admit it wasn't going to be a favourite.

Fans of shifter stories should like this. Recommended to those people and be prepared for "nice cut meat".