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Frankie's Vamp

Frankie's Vamp - Toni Griffin This was a brilliant start to the series. I am really starting to love books with Vampires in them, and this was one of those great ones. Granted, the story wasn't unique exactly. But I did enjoy reading it. I know some are put off my books that have no real unique twist to them, but you should give this one a go anyway.

Merrick has been alive for centuries. And in that time never found his mate. So, when he does meet him he'll be willing to wait for the man to come to terms with everything. Frankie being human meant he had reservations about mating with a vampire. Especially after an abusive ex boyfriend, an ex who didn't want to give up. But when he meets Merrick, things fee right.

I loved Merrick and Frankie's connection. I loved the possessiveness of both characters. It wasn't just about sex or power. These two really had chemistry. There wasn't a lot of waiting, it was mostly just spaced out a tiny bit so we got more than sex scenes, I did appreciate that. I'm not a huge fan of sex, sex, and more sex with very little to no plot in a book.

The secondary characters were introduced well. The only character I didn't like was Peter, the ex. He assaulted Frankie in the bathroom, almost killing him. That was the drama of the book, which wasn't the biggest drama, but sometimes it's nice to have an easy read. I think people should give it a shot, just don't expect a highly unique book.