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Bryce's Cop

Bryce's Cop - Toni Griffin This was a 3.5 star read. I wanted it to be higher, I really did. I loved the first book and the fact this was Bryce's book made me squeal like a little girl. But alas, this was not the romantic, sweet book I had hoped for. In fact, I found myself pissed off for a portion of the book and that did not make me happy.

Bryce was introduced in the first book. He's Merrick's second in command and also his best friend. He meets his mate, Luc, who arrests him in the club. Luc is a cop. A cop who was attacked by a rogue, who now is wary of vampires. But when he meets Bryce he's attracted to him. Luc is also straight.

I enjoyed the pace of the book and then we had the mating scene. In a toilet, where Bryce was still denying how he felt. Then the ass leaves poor Bryce there, alone and devastated. Of course then that impacts Bryce and Luc's lives. But Luc doesn't realise that and it's up to Merrick to put things right. I wanted there to be a bit more, something.

Another thing that was missing was a reciprocal "I love you". It doesn't take a genius to work out who said it and who didn't say it. But it disappointed me a bit to not have it returned. Plus the fact Bryce had been through so much, it made me kind of sad... To put it mildly.

I can recommend this series to fans of the author or fans of vampires. I am really looking forward to book 3, which hopefully will be Hayden and Jared.