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Right Hand Red

Right Hand Red - Danni Keane I have to start off by saying that anyone who doesn't like this must be mad! It's short, and I know some people don't like short stories. But it's a freebie and so fricken cute. I am serious people. This book was so cute. I loved the whole thing.

Felix and Ben meet on their first day of school. Best friends from day one their relationship develops into something very strong. Felix was possessive. Even at four years old, there was a possessiveness to him. His childhood, though, was not the best. Ben and Ben's mum looked after and loved him despite that.

From their first meeting to their first kiss, I knew this was going to catch me, and I was right. I was so happy I had the chance to read this book. The boys were so cute, and the story was really sweet. It's YA and the two MC's were perfect for the story and as a couple. Danni Keane does the YA genre really well.

There are some lighter moments. Some very innocent moments and just a really lovely story here. Twister, the game, even plays a part in the story as well as Aladdin. I was smiling so hard during those scenes and I was wanting more.

I highly recommend this story. I promise you, most people will love this. It's too adorable not to love.