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Hammer & Air

Hammer & Air - Amy Lane Buddy read with Alice.

Not my style of book. To be honest I don't mind fantasy, though it's not my favourite. Menage is a no-go for me. This has menage and personally, I thought it was just useless. It could have been an extra two stars if the menage had been gone and replaced with something else.

I want to say that people like me, who despise menage, just won't get it. But others, might find they can take it. I, unfortunately, was not someone who found they liked it here. Maybe others will appreciate the menage. I couldn't even though I kind of adored Hammer after a while. At first, he was a jerk. But I grew to love him. Eirn... I think he was okay, but I wasn't madly in love with him.

The prince/bear... WOWZA... That was something that frustrated me. It was also a part of the reason I was not into Eirn. He was there. Neither man seemed to be attracted to him strongly. Yet, we had menage. It confused me and left me wanting to scream. I wasn't as bothered about it as I could have been though.

Typically, I avoid this kind of book. I knew I wouldn't be a fan of menage. But I can say this for the book, it didn't change the love Eirn and Hammer had. It just made me confused about Eirn and the bear... Maybe that was just me. I have been known to have different views on books.

I give this book two stars for one reason. Hammer. He was the saving grace for me. I did fall so madly in love with his character. I would actually have liked for this book to have some of his POV. The ending was another part. It did seem like it gave the "perfect" ending. Even if I might be the only one who thinks that.

I don't regret reading this book. Even after all that. The reason is I can say I tried menage and I honestly do not like it in my books. No matter how much I might love/like the couple. So that makes me happy.