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Jasper's Mountain

Jasper's Mountain - John Inman When I saw this book, I was so excited to read it. And when I read Cindi's review, I was even more eager to read this one. It sounded so good and the cover is just beautiful. Well, I am happy to say I wasn't disappointed at all. This book was a really great read, and it is definitely one I am extremely happy I read.

Timmy and Jasper were a great couple... Sort of. I will admit, there are a lot of things in the way. Mainly Timmy's secrecy and lies, and the fact he put both of them in danger. But at the same time, they were a sweet couple. Some of the intimate moments these two shared were super sweet and bordered on cute for me. It's unusual for me to like a couple that started out on lies. But John Inman is an incredible author and he made me fall in love with them.

I really liked both MC's. They were likable - even Timmy - and they each had their own quirks. I was surprised that I did love Timmy. But I guess I was able to see how naive he was... It's strange, but I do think he was very naive in a lot of ways. Granted, so was Jasper, but they were different characters, different men, and different personalities, so it worked really well.

There's nothing I would have changed about the book. I am especially happy that Jasper's ex-wife wasn't actually in this book. She sounded like everything I hate in an ex. I was also glad there weren't many really bad things in the book. It was serious, sure. But neither of the MC's was seriously injured or worse - killed. And the bad guys were well written, too.

I really loved this book, and I am glad there is a feeling that a sequel could be written. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing left to answer. But the author could, in theory, write a sequel to this one day if he so wished.