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Breaking Point

Breaking Point - N.R. Walker Holy fucking hell, that was tough. Actually, this has to be one of the toughest books I have ever read. It was everything I expected and so much more at the same time. I was expecting it to be tough, but I had no idea how tough it would get.

Breaking point is the sequel to [b:Point of No Return|17792846|Point of No Return (Turning Point, #1)|N.R. Walker|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1365747492s/17792846.jpg|21452958]. Matt and Kira are back and they faced even tougher situations here. It was tough to see them struggling so much. Some were probably mad at Matt, others might have been mad at Kira. But they both suffered so much. It was so bloody hard. Watching them. Waiting for something to go wrong. The hoping things would work out between the pair. Everything that happened in this book effected me. I was drawn in and I couldn't get out until I knew something would happen. And things did happen. A lot of things happened in this book. There was a lot of suffering and pain. A lot of heartbreak and then a small bit of healing. If you don't like heavy books then this one will not be for you. It is heavy, it is emotional, and it is very, very raw.

This shattered me. My emotions are all over the place. I'm pretty sure I was ready for angst. Yeah, I was ready. But this took things to a whole new level for me. And I like angst. As long as there is no cheating, I can handle angst. I have handled a lot of things. But this was a whole new level of what I'm used to reading.

There were a few thing... I won't say I wish hand't happened. I know a they had to happen for the book and because of the story. It was just hard for me when Matt and Kira broke up. Yeah, that was hard. And then when Matt retired. The second was actually harder for me in some ways. I felt really bad for him and even though they are still his friends, I am left wondering if things will be the same.

The ending is no less emotional and I really enjoyed it. I would say fans of the first book will enjoy this book. Highly recommend it!