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Closure - S.H. Allan Well, I am just after finishing this wonderful story and I just have to say, it was one of the loveliest, saddest stories I have ever read. It's a real tear jerker. I am kind of lost when it comes to trying to review this book and do it justice. But I will give it my best shot and hope it comes out alright.

Closure, is the perfect name for this book. When I say it's perfect, I mean it. The title almost tells the whole story. It's about death. But the story is neither simple nor complex. It deals with many issues, and unfortunately, some of those are not easy or resolved in the happiest way. But that is the beauty of this book.

Derrick and Nigel were the perfect couple. Perfect for each other and there was just so much love between them. This book is in two time frames, in the beginning of their relationship, how they met and feel in love etc... Also in the present day. It tells a very sad story of family, loss and love.

Derrick was a child of the state. But he found a family that not only loved him, but accepted him for who he was. It was lovely to see. And after he meets Nigel, he falls in love. It was so perfect, it should have been a happy story. Things couldn't be simpler, right? Supportive family and great boyfriend.

But there was an issue. Nigel is white, rich and someone Derrick's father does not approve of. It almost cost Derrick and Nigel their love. But not everything is simple. The story really touched me. The emotion was raw, the feelings were there. I felt this book. And I loved it!

As you can probably guess, the book deals with the aftermath of a death. That is what started the story and it's a theme that continued through the story. In a very sad, but true way, it looked at the emotions one faces when someone they love, dies. It's just not very easy to describe, but this did it perfectly.

I have no more words for this. But I would advise people to give this one a shot. It's a very real story.