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Strength of the Wolf

Strength of the Wolf - Kendall McKenna I was so excited to read this book, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Kendall McKenna really does a great shifter story and then she combines it will military men and I can't stop myself from wanting to read it. She knows her stuff. Her books are authentic and read well, I also love the fact she creates her own shifters. Things aren't the same as in other books. It's unique, fresh, and hot.

From the beginning I was happy. We saw Lucas and Noah - the couple from book one - in the very beginning. We started out with Tim and Lucas. It reintroduced our former MC's and within a short space, we met Jeremy - the other MC - and things just took off. There was an instant connection there, even if Tim didn't really notice it... But I kinda think he was smart enough to know something was up. We quickly discover Tim is older than Jeremy, and the two butt heads a little in the beginning.

The story was touching in some places, hot, funny, and sweet. I loved the sex scenes in this book, and as for the first kiss... Wow. Just wow.

I had a really great time reading this book. I loved both MC's, and both had somewhat difficult pasts. Tim and his brother intrigued me from the beginning, while Jeremy's past was sad... It wasn't something very upsetting, but it was nice to see them grow, come together, and fall in love. Although, there were some questions left open. But it didn't stop me from falling in love with the couple like I did with Lucas and Noah.

I'm hoping we see more of these two in the next book... I think it could help maybe... It would be nice to answer the questions we were left with. I have high hopes for the next book, Terrell and Kai's story. Plus I think we might see more of Tim's brother...

Really enjoyed the buddy read with, Bev, Ingela, and Andrea. Glad we could read this together.