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Strength of the Mate

Strength of the Mate - Kendall McKenna This book was a perfect addition to the series. I adored it so much. And I didn't think it was possible to love this series more than I already did. Kendall McKenna knows how to write an amazing military romance, as well as really great shifter stories. And her stories are always amazing no matter what genre she writes. Always.

We knew both characters from the previous book. Adam was introduced as Tim's younger brother and Dawson was introduced as as the administrative assistant to Tim. These guys fit really well together and they made a smoking hot couple. I wasn't 100% sure about these guys as a couple, but I trust Kendall McKenna to make her couples work. Adam and Dawson were both very different characters, but they clicked. I also liked how we saw different sides to them. Adam, who I imagine would be very hard to like for some, had so many issues with himself and with a major event that happened in his past. He was angry and bitter and he lashed out and pushed people away. Including his family. And Dawson was a really caring guy and also super possessive which really fit in with the other books.

As a couple, these guys really were smoking hot! I found it hard to believe at first, but I think these are some of the hottest sex scenes the author has written. It's so hard to believe because this author always writes amazing sex scenes. But were these her best ones yet? Yes, I do believe so. There was just an intensity to the ones here, and in my opinion, that made them even better than the ones in her other books.


But the sex wasn't just hot, it also was emotional and that really was great to see. I mean, this scene actually happened!


This wasn't just about the couple, though, we managed to learn some more about were culture and politics as well as pack dynamics. It was really interesting to hear how they punished shifters who didn't follow the rules and it was really cool to see Alpha Noah in full Alpha mode. Oh yeah, did I mention that? We got to see Lucas and Noah again, as well as Tim. We also got to meet Jason and Paul, who I'd love to see more of. And of course we also met Tim and Adam's brother, Eric.

I know people will probably mention something that this book was lacking, and I understand where people would be coming from, but I don't think this book needed the I love you's like some other books do. For me, anyway, it was obvious how this couple felt. And yes, it would have been nice to have after Adam was kidnapped, but I don't believe it took from the book in any way. Besides, I think the I love you scene with his brothers was needed more than it was here. Maybe that was just me, but after everything they had been through, I really thought they needed it.

So summing up, this book is definitely one I would recommend to fans of the other books, and of the author. I not only fell in love with the book and found another favorite, but it's made me want the next book in the series even more.

And for people who want to know about Eric. He's straight.