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Ride the Wind

Ride the Wind - Anne Dudley I am kicking myself now. When I saw the blurb I had a bad feeling about this book, but at the same time it sounded so good. And damn, I really wanted to read the book. I'm into the bad boy/biker vibes in a book. There's just something about them for me... I get drawn in and then I fall in love with the characters and the books. And that did happen here. I was really in love with Alex and Jordan as a couple, and I adored Jordan as a character. I invested a lot of hope in this book because that bad feeling never left.

Alex and Jordan met at a motorcycle rally. They started off as friends, for a very, very short time, and then eventually they moved on to more. There was a nice bit of sex too. I liked that. It gave me hope that something good would happen. Another bonus sort of was the fact neither were a virgin. But Alex had only been with one woman, a prostitute. Still, I allowed myself to hope that my gut feeling was wrong. I allowed myself to fall in love with the couple. I enjoyed the bike talk and the way the story was built around them.

About 50% in, I got annoyed. Alex wasn't exactly acting the way I wanted him to. I should have been smarter and clued myself in. Really, I should have. Then they went their separate ways... The revelation which did not shock me from Zeke. I had an even worse feeling, but after we hit 80% I had hope... Nothing really bad happened. I was accepting that this book would be a 4 star read, docked one for Alex annoying me.

Then, unfortunately, we had the thing... Alex spent the weekend with a man. Another man. Maybe I should have DNF'd like most would. But I never do that. Never. So I read on and waited for him to confess to Jordan once they had reunited. Jordan even told Alex there was no one else. I would have been happy to add this as a no HEA and it could have been a three star read because I did love Jordan. But Alex lied and this did have a happy ending. And now I am wondering why I read this... I feel more than a little sick right now.

I don't want people to look at my review and say they hate cheating so they won't read it. Chances are some won't see it as cheating. But I did. And I can recommend this book to those who don't mind cheating. They might love it. But right now I am just trying not to cry, and yes, I am very close to crying right now.