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By Design

By Design - Lisa Worrall This short story... Let me start off by saying I have facepalmed myself so many times since reading this book. When you start reading this, even though it's a short, you need to finish it. The book threw me off so badly and then... I am still embarrassed thinking I was going to hate this book.

I won't give too much away, but I loved this short. Lisa Worrall is a great author and I have loved a few of her books, this was another one of those. Rob and Shane... Not everything is as it seems. That's what I loved about it. But at the same time, it's not angsty necessarily and I did smile through some of it.

It was a sexy story that had the perfect amount of detail for the short. Yet I wasn't left not knowing what was going on. I would gladly read another short story about these two... It's nice when you are left with a happy feeling inside, especially after a short when you would normally be left wondering.

It was over quickly but... it was still perfect!

I won a copy of this from the author!!