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Easy Ryder

Easy Ryder - Deanna Wadsworth I really, really, enjoyed reading this book. It was just the thing I had wanted to read and I was so excited. The story is based in the seventies and told from Ryder's POV. I loved his voice. It was innocent to a degree, but he wasn't dumb. His dreams were not stupid or silly, just a bit unrealistic for the times they were living in. He wanted what a lot of people wanted (and still do want). And after an incident with his family, he decided to leave, to try and find the happiness he wanted.

His and Snake's relationship was great. I loved them in the beginning. Snake seemed like a really sweet, caring, loving guy, and someone who wanted what was best for Ryder. The two of them shared some really hot moments. But they also had their sweet moments. It was nice to see the two, it showed that not everything had to be one or the other. They had the balance just right in the beginning.

The authors writing style worked really well in the first person. I think she captured Ryder's thoughts and feelings perfectly. Her portrayal of Snake's PTSD was excellent also. It all kept me interested and reading. The difference between the two men was something that drew me into the book. With Ryder being out and Snake denying who he was, I thought the fact they were so open in the beginning was great.

I did have a problem, though. And I debated for a long time about my rating. But I did really love the book. It had a lot of great, interesting scenes, but there was one scene in particular... The best way I can describe it is, without the scene, this book would have been completely perfect for me. I'm still not 100% sure how much it bothered me. It did. But I have conflicting thoughts on the scene.

I think this will be a great read for most people. The book has a lot of positive points, and I mean a lot of them.

The one negative part. There was a scene near enough to the end, where Snake had sex with a cop. Ryder was watching and even got off on it. Because they weren't in a relationship, I didn't see it as cheating, but considering how they were in the beginning, it threw me. In Snake's defense... sort of... He only did it so they could get away without getting discovered by going on the system.