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Breaking Out

Breaking Out - Garry M. Tuckwell I am so glad Danni recommended this book to me. It is exactly my thing, cute, sweet, has younger characters, and no cheating. This book isn't exactly unique or different, but if you are a YA fan, you will adore this book. The story is just really sweet and shows that you can stay with your first love - and that they can be your one and only.

This story can be sad(ish). Justin, one of the mc's, lost his mother. It starts with him dealing with things and making a new best friend, Niall. Both boys had different backgrounds, but they found a common ground, became best friends, and fell in love. It was really nice to see the two boys come together. I loved the fact the boys got together, despite Niall knowing his parents wouldn't be happy about it. That was definitely a huge obstacle for the boys - even if it didn't take over the story.

I liked the mixture of accepting and non-accepting people. Justin was luckier than Niall when it came to family and being accepted. Being totally honest, I would have liked Niall to have had someone in his family love and accept him for who he was, but I guess he ended up with a family because of his relationship with Justin.

In the book, we follow the boys through a lot of things. It's not based in the one timeline. For me, that was a bonus. I do love books where I can see characters grow up. And I feel like it was better here because we got to see more about Niall's parents - and how they felt regarding their son's sexual orientation. While I wish they had been more accepting, it was good to see where it went with them, instead of wondering if they would ever accept him.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to YA fans. Even if you're not, you might like the Britishness of the book.