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Strong Enough

Strong Enough - Cardeno C. I am really, really glad I gave this book a go. The first one was not for me. It just wasn't. But this book was almost everything I love in a book. It had the sweetness and sappiness that went with two incredible MC's. I couldn't fault this book really. Cardeno C. has written an amazing book, one that I really wish I could have this couple again because they have become favourites of mine.

Emilio and Spencer were total opposites. With a 16 year age difference you would think they were doomed. But they were perfect for each other and it was wonderful to see their sweet, but rather unusual, beginning. Emilio is an outgoing guy, while Spencer would rather stay at home. But secretly, Emilio is looking for someone like Spencer, and when he sees him he goes and gets him. Literally! Their beginning, as I have said, is... strange, to say the least, but it was really fitting for his character.

Spencer had a sad past. He had never really had anyone before, not really, and Emilio was so considerate when it came to sex. He didn't rush Spencer, and he made him feel loved. I think everyone deserves to feel loved, especially when you've had such a shitty time with men and family in the past. Another opposite. Spencer's family were... nonexistent. Emilio had a really close family, and they all accepted him for who he was.

The book is really easy, sexy, and has a wonderful couple. Will it be for everyone? Probably not. There wasn't any real drama, apart from Spencer's asshole ex. I would have liked to have seen more of Emilio's family, but there was enough of them to keep me really happy. I loved how close the brothers were. It's one of those things that really make me smile in a book, there's just something lovable about a book when brothers are close.

I'd love to say I'll read the sequel, but it's a menage, and I have an idea of who could be in the sequel. So I'll be skipping that one. But I really enjoyed this, and now I have a favourite couple, which is good.