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The Magpie Lord

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles I wasn't sure about this, then I just bought it because I saw a ton of great reviews. Yeah, it was a really good book. I enjoyed it. The romance was a slow building one, but it was there. The mystery was good. But did I enjoy it as much as others? No. Not really.

The plot was good. I think as a mystery/paranormal read, this was really good. The book was a decent length. I really did find myself enjoying the MC's too.

As a couple, the MC's were well matched. Yeah, it wasn't hugely focused on the romance. But the MC's had a nice amount of scenes together. They weren't really apart as much as other books that drag out the romance. Plus I loved the sex scene.

Enemies to lovers is always good as far as I'm concerned. Even when it's not like they hate each other's guts, I still like the trope.

The book just wasn't something I adored like others. It was more a 3.5 star read than a 4 star. But I really did enjoy reading this book.

I'm nervous, though...

This is a series. It's also a historical series. Historical and I don't like each other. Why? Cheating. Yes, I dislike cheating to put it mildly. And now that they are actually together it makes me worry. I don't want wives to come into this like so many historical's. I'm really hoping I will be able to read the sequel because I have a feeling I will enjoy it.

Overall, this is a nice, unique I think, but I'm not sure how unique it is book. I've never read anything like it before and hopefully the sequel will be even better.