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The Degan Incident

The Degan Incident - Rob Colton I liked this book, really, really liked it. But there were some issues for me, that stopped me giving more than 4 stars. The actual couple were really sweet. I loved them. I wouldn't say it's the greatest book in the world, (because there were inconsistencies) but the couple made up for all that.
The writing was okay, but at times the dialogue felt unnatural. With Bastin, I could understand it. He wasn't from Earth and so he would have broken English. However, when Dev was speaking, it should have flowed well. After all, he was a human.
The sex was another issue I had... Not a huge one because I did really enjoy reading this book. But the sex scenes got very... detailed. Not erotic as much as detailed. It described a lot of things, but I didn't find them erotic. It could be me, though.
I can recommend this book, but fans of sci-fi would like this more - I think - than people who prefer contemporary.