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My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine - Rowan McAllister I have a thing for cowboys, so when I saw the blurb for this, I was hooked. I'm pleased to say it didn't really disappoint. My only real complaint is I would have liked it to have been longer. Maybe there's a sequel coming or something... I don't know. But, personally, I felt like I could have read more of these two characters.

Mason and Tanner are opposites in some ways. Tanner has pretty boy looks, while Mason is more a rough, rugged cowboy. Neither believes he is worthy of the other, yet there is an attraction there. There was some nice tension between the two in the beginning. I also liked the way they started. The kiss was amazing, them as a couple was sweet. Maybe even cute. And I liked that even though they were hiding it, there was never any major drama between them as a couple. It's very unusual for the type of book.

As far as the secondary character went, I loved Lucy and Ed. I kind wish those two had been Mason's parents, or at least Mason's mom had been alive. His father, well, let's just say I wasn't his or Diana's (his sister) biggest fan.

I know this won't be for everyone. The title is really fitting for the story, so you can guess the endearment Mason used for Tanner. There was little to no actual angst, though it could have gotten very angsty. The couple were so sweet and cute (yes, I'm calling them cute) together. I was literally smiling when they had a nice scene together. Both were like blushing virgins, yet it never caused any major issue between the two.

I am really glad I read this book. It was an easy read (which I like) and it had enough sweetness to satisfy my craving. I'd highly recommend it for people who are looking for an easy, low angst read.