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High Concept

High Concept - Whitley Gray I really, really liked the book. For a long time I did love the book. But there was a little niggle for me, and I wasn't able to get past it, so I decided to give the book 4.5 stars rounded down.

Beck and Zach both have issues. Both have had issues with a past relationship. And the two of them are dealing with their demons. Zach's are with his ex, Dean. Beck's are with his dead parter. He has a lot of guilt about his partner's death. And he's trying to support his widow and kids. On top of that, he has issues with a sort-of-ex. One who he has to see at work.

I loved the chemistry between the two MC's. The men were hot. I enjoyed the way they seemed almost shy to the idea of a real relationship. It wasn't really a romance, though. At least romance wasn't the main aspect of the book. For those who want a crime solving plot with romance thrown in, this would be the book for them. If you want a romance with a sprinkling of crime-solving, find another book.

My main issue with this book was the ending. I got the three words I wanted to read. But I felt like things resolved themselves too soon. I wanted the ending to drag out just the smallest amount. I could see a sequel working really well for this. We have things that could be dragged into another book. Apart from that, this was the perfect book for me. Just wish it had been a bit longer at the end.

Highly recommended for fans of cops.