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Desperation Lingers

Desperation Lingers - Anthony Paull I want to start off my review by saying, this book is funny. Anthony Paull has a great way of writing humorous books, and I love his writing style. The book is written in a very engaging way. Fans of humour and Chick Lit will adore this book. And to a certain extent, I really liked the book. There were some very funny scenes, but unfortunately, I didn't adore this book.

My real issue with this book was Dee - Desperation - the protagonist. And that is never usually a good thing. I liked her in the beginning, even though she confused me. Maybe it was just because of the things she did and the way she acted, but I found myself really not connecting with her. In the end I actually found a certain level of respect for her. She showed a lot of personal growth. I won't list the things I disliked about her, mainly because it would give away some spoilers.

One thing I can mention - because it's in the blurb - is the relationship between her and her boss, Hector. I did have issues with it. If I were to be honest, I wouldn't call it a relationship or an affair. She didn't have a lot of luck with her marriages - yes there was more than one.

There were aspects of the book I liked. Most of those being the secondary characters. I think the LGBT aspect of this book was great. I even liked - and disliked - the fact the protagonist was an older woman. That's where the likes end, but they did bring it up to a three, so they were a huge bonus to the book.

I can recommend this book. Fans of the Chick Lit genre would love this more than I did. But saying all that, is was a really good book, just not for me really. It can be classified as a romance, to a degree, but it's not your typical romance. It's almost coming of age, but with an older character finding her way in the world.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.