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All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon I find it strange to say I really loved this book, it was so much better than the first one romance wise. It was also a really gripping crime novel. But saying all that, there is one thing that confuses me, and that is, I'm not very fond of the protagonist. Usually I would have to mark a book down because I'm not in love with it protagonist. Funny how it worked out here. I found him okay in the first book, but here, I was able to connect with him a tiny bit more. Not saying I loved him or anything, but he's definitely growing on me.

J.X. and Christopher are a great couple - once they have scenes together. It's hard to describe how they can be great and have issues, but I think the fact J.X. balances out Christopher and his... Well. I'd call him crazy. But to put it nicely, he has a lot of issues with himself. And one of the great things about J..X is, he's willing to point out those flaws to Christopher. He's not a mean character, he's truthful and very much a great character. There were scenes in this book that really showed how great of a guy J.X. is. Christopher got over some of his insecurities here, but I have a feeling they will be mentioned in the next book I hope so anyway.

The mystery/crime part of the book was amazing. Kinda hard(ish), to figure everything out. But at the same time, not that hard either. I wasn't shocked by the outcome, though it wasn't completely resolved in my opinion. The ending was a testament to how good a writer Josh Lanyon is and to how he can write a good mystery/thriller. It was a cliffhanger of sorts, while still an ending that could be the end. Not sure I'm making sense here, but anyhow....

Would I recommend this series? Hell yes. Am I excited for the next book? Hell yes!!!