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The Sacrifices We Make

The Sacrifices We Make - Sophie Bonaste This was definitely a very nice book. I really loved both characters, especially Mickey. The fact this book was relatively easy on the couple was nice. Now, make no mistakes, there were some serious issues tackled in this book. But when it came to the couple, there was no huge drama between them. No breakup's. Nothing.

Adam's family, however, caused a lot of problems. They were not the type of people I would like to be around. His father was a characters I wanted to slap more than once. He was not a good father at all. You would think throwing out one child would have made him change his ways. But that wasn't enough for this man, so he decided to throw both of his sons out. Normally I can separate myself from characters like that, but the last two days I have read books where one character made my blood boil. Fair enough, they were for different reasons, but still.

Adam and Mickey's relationship was really sweet and both were virgins, which I really like. They didn't have easy lives in general, but together they really did seem to be quite solid. They went from strangers, to best friends, and later, to boyfriends. I liked the time line. It felt kind of realistic, especially when to take in to account the fact Adam didn't know he was gay.

The writing was a bit stiff, but I didn't really mind because I got into the story. And I would recommend it to fans of YA m/m that don't mind a heavy dose of religion in their books.