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Hidden Wolf

Hidden Wolf - Toni Griffin I'm really hoping the sequel will have this couple. This couple need another book. I don't always say that. Yes, I like certain series that have separate couples. However, if this was the end for the couple, I am not sure if I should continue. I loved the book for a while. It was fairly fast paced. The characters were nice together. I loved Vaughan. Ashley seemed like he had a great family - which is always a bonus for me.

I don't want to spoil everything. But when you add the twist into it - which I suspected would be something like that - it can't just end. Now, I had thought it would be something else, something more legitimate. It wasn't. So that was a surprise, a nice one. I saw myself getting into this... And then I looked down. The book was very close to ending and we had just had the big revelation. Maybe not so huge if, like me, you knew something was going to happen.

For me, this book could have been an amazing beginning to a series. Add 50-100 pages to this and I would have been ecstatic. People who want to know my issue... Ashley found out he was swapped at birth. His parent have no idea, btw. He's a shifter, and his parents (birth) are dead. A couple of pages later, and it ended. So I wasn't sure where my head was. Normally, I would see an ending coming, but I was silly enough to not check how far I was in.

With all those complaints, though, I cannot fault the author for writing an entertaining book. It was just too short for me. My biggest fear is there will be a brand new couple in the next book and my issues with this one won't be addressed. I really hope that doesn't happen because I think I could really love these two MC's.