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Salvage - Con Riley I don't know what I can say about this book really. There are too many things I could spoil with a review, so I will just say this. This book isn't just a romance. It has a really interesting plot. I loved some of the characters and some of them I didn't. When it came to the romance, yes, this book doesn't just focus on the romance. In fact, the romance wasn't the biggest aspect of it. Did I like that about the book? Yes and no. Take Jamie for example. I would have preferred more romance instead of the Jamie plot.

Most people probably ended up liking him. His character was a very sympathetic one in my mind. Sure, he had his issues. But so did Gabe. So did Scott. Neither of those characters made me want to forget his presence like Jamie did. He's the sole reason I'm not giving this book more than 4 stars. The relationship was perfect! But Jamie just ruined this a bit for me.

However, I did love the book, and most of the characters. Ariel was my favourite secondary character - loved her name, btw - and the kids were cute. Definitely a book I would recommend for people who want a really good story with a slow burning romance.