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Primal Passions

Primal Passions - Stephani Hecht This is the first book in what looks like a very long series. And it was a strong enough start. I really liked the book issues and all, and let me tell you, there were issues with it. Not very strong ones, I guess. But some of them annoyed me. The name Jacyn being one of the issues. The name just annoyed me after a while, I don't know why.

Saying that, Jacyn and Logan were nice together. The sexual tension was great. The sort of but not really break up was another thing that annoyed me. After three months I would have wanted a hotter reunion than these two had. I wanted to feel all of the emotion. It only came, for me, when Jacyn was trying to remember what happened to the others in his family. Most people would probably wonder if I actually liked the book. I did. The couple were really nice together, they had some tender moments that I loved. It was just in general the story wasn't a favourite of mine.

I also loved the kind of cliffhanger. Yes, I know it sounds strange. But it made me excited to read another book in this series one day. And it might not be in the next couple of days. I will, however, get around to it eventually.