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Adapting Instincts

Adapting Instincts - S.J. Frost [b:Adapting Instincts|17302865|Adapting Instincts (Instincts, #4)|S.J. Frost|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1359409950s/17302865.jpg|23959435] was my least favourite of the series. Yeah, it's a shame because I loved the others, but this didn't make me fall as hard or as fast. The first and third books are perfection. The couple is now on my favourites list, so maybe I'm just too hung up on those two to enjoy other books. Maybe it's a good thing I'll have to wait for the next book. Hopefully I will enjoy that one more.

My main issue with this book was the couple. They were just as sweet as Titus and Andreas and Daniel and Ryu, but there was a bit of a bump in the road that annoyed me. I had seen it coming, expected it, but it wasn't enough. I was just so unhappy with that little section of the book that I couldn't get past it. Others will not have the same problem, I think, unless you are like me and hate seeing two MC's apart for a silly or not so silly reason. It's really a shame because all of the others got 5 stars.

I love how [a:S.J. Frost|3009736|S.J. Frost|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1256608248p2/3009736.jpg] doesn't forget about her past couples. They were all one big happy family still, and a strong presence in the book. Daniel. Oh, Daniel was just so funny. He's a breath of fresh air and provides some much needed humour in the series. From other reviews people will know he was not always my favourite, but I adore him as a secondary character now. His teasing of Carl just left me with a grin on my face.

Another theme I have noticed... Titus, Ryu, and now Egill have all lost men they loved. Normally that annoys me. And I really try hard to avoid books with a dead lover. But here, I feel like that makes the story slightly more unique. It's so well done, and it doesn't take from the current couple in the book. I love that about the series.

This series is just amazing. I would recommend it to all m/m vampire fans.