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Single Use Only

Single Use Only - Pender Mackie What can I say about this one? It was okay. There were some parts I really liked, others I didn't. My main problem with this was my lack of love for the two MC's. I did like them. But that wasn't really enough for me.

Out of the two MC's. Chris was the easiest for me to like. Mike, I loved him at first, I felt really bad for him. Had the author taken a different direction with this, I probably would have liked it more. It felt like Mike was waiting for Chris to leave him. Then there was the whole Bi issue. Yeah, I know some people don't understand what being bisexual actually means But I don't think it would be as easy as it ended up being for Mike, especially after the way he reacted once he found out.

These two argued for a short time over something that was actually kind of serious when it comes to a relationship. Mike really should have told Chris about his bad history with me. Instead, I was left wondering how many breakup's these two would have before they either got a HEA together or not.

The drama at the end was my taste... mostly. I don't say this a lot, but I felt like it was a bit stupid. Fact is, I knew who was doing all the bad things. It should have been obvious to at least one of the characters. Then the kidnapping came and I was almost not sure what I wanted to happen. It's really sad because that is the type of thing I normally adore in a book. Nothing is too over the top. But, here, it honestly was.

Saying all that, I did enjoy it some of the time. It wasn't a horrible book. Actually, it was probably quite good. I think if I hadn't had that bad feeling throughout most of the book, I would have liked it a lot more. So I can't really say I recommend it, but if you don't have issues with some of those things, you should give it a shot.