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Scent of a Wolf

Scent of a Wolf - Draven St. James Okay, so this was a good shifter book and it had a good story. Saying that this is really only 3.5 stars for me. It's a pity because this could have been a 5 star read for me. But I am a picky reader in many ways. And it's not really the authors fault.

I liked the dreams the two men shared. That was something I found really very sweet. It made me think I would adore this book. Not everyone will like that, but I am a huge romantic. So things like that are important for me.

This book wasn't bad. Not at all. It was good. But everyone has different taste and while none of my major pet peeves were in this, there were a couple of things I would have changed.

I think the book was well written and for the first in the series it was a great start. We got to meet who I hope will be the couple in the second book. And I really do hope it will be those two. But the series has captured my attention, so I would read any couple that comes up... As long as it is a couple and not a threesome.

Definitely a book I would recommend to fans of shifter books. This would probably suit others better than it did me.