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Inside Out

Inside Out - Andrew  Grey I really, really, really wanted to love this book. For me, anyway, the blurb sounded amazing and I knew this would have to be a book I would read. And, I don't regret reading. I actually liked parts of the book. But this just wasn't what I was expecting...

Bull and Zach were cute together. I liked their beginning and sometimes they could be just adorable together. Yes, adorable. And I thought things would be really good for them. They started out slowly and it took a while for them to get together. Great! I even liked the fact Bull tried to stay away from Zach. After a while, though, I was left with a less than amazed feel.

Most people will know I try to avoid books with dead lovers. Not saying anything else, but there is one in this. Then we had the mother. I found it kind of hard to understand her most of the time. But that happens sometimes. Then we had the hot/cold between the MC's for a while. It just started to get tiring after a while. I got it some some extent... Then there was just the lack of connection for me. Which was probably the biggest issue I had. Nothing I can fault the author for. It would be a great book for some. I'm just not one of those people.

Overall, the book is good. Just not really my thing. I had issues with it. But I don't regret buying it because I enjoyed some parts of the story.