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Wholehearted - Cate Ashwood This was a really awesome read!

I love this authors writing and I love her characters. I love that she brought Mack and Oliver, the couple from the first book, into this and showed us where they are now. I was so happy to catch up with them, especially when I learned what they were up to.

Now to the MC's in this book. Declan and Lucas. These two were really good together! I liked the way the author had Lucas start off as a bit of an ass, but then he let his defences down and started to show a nicer side. None of that was instant, though, and he was still the same character at the end, just a bit more pleasant. Lucas' attitude was understandable, however, and I was glad he had a bit of a bitchy attitude. It added to my enjoyment of the story.

As a couple, Declan and Lucas really did work. They had their issues, and things weren't always smooth sailing, but I never stopped feeling the connection between them or rooting for them. Both of them had their issues and their actions were understandable, even if I did want to scream at them to get it together.

I'm so glad I started reading this series and I cannot wait to read the next book!