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Clarity of Lines

Clarity of Lines - N.R. Walker This book made me smile. And when I finish a book smiling the way I did this, I know the book has to be a five star read. Not only do I adore the characters and the overall story but the author is just amazing. I have loved every book I have read written by this author.

There is a large age difference between the two MC's. And I will admit, in real life I kind of find them weird. But... When I read books like this one, I start to second guess why I find them weird. I think I just find it hard to believe you can really be with someone older than your own parents. When it comes to Tom and Cooper, though, I get it. I do. Love isn't about gender or age and I think the age difference between Tom and Cooper almost makes things better for these two.

Even though Tom is older, he's only just getting settled in his life. Sure, he has over two decades on Cooper. But Cooper has a maturity about him and I do believe he loves Tom.

As for this book. It was hot, sweet, and I totally loved it. Tom and Cooper are great together. They get along, they're funny together, and they make the perfect couple. Tom and Cooper grew as a couple in this book and Tom grew in his own right. He had a tough time during the book but he came out of it on the other side. I was impressed.

I'm anxiously awaiting book 3. I can't wait!