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The Backup Boyfriend

The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes I think my official rating is more 4.5, but I rounded it up because I really enjoyed reading this book. There were a couple of small niggles I had like certain parts with Tyler and the moping in the beginning. I think this would have been a lot less enjoyable during those scenes if Dylan hand't been in the story.

Another thing I felt the ending and the discussion in the epilogue. I liked it mostly, but it felt a bit sudden? IDEK. Maybe if the epilogue had been an extra year or two in the future it would have been a lot better. I did love what Alec said to Dylan, though, I couldn't stop smiling.

The things I liked were really amazing. Dylan, the genuine GFY story, the sex scenes, Dylan, the humor, Dylan, the motorbike, Dylan, the easy acceptance of the attraction so easily... Dylan. Let's just put it like this, Dylan was an amazing character! Can you tell? I fell for him almost immediately. And you shouldn't be put off because he's straight. Trust me, that wasn't a huge issue for him in the story. I liked that. He wasn't homophobic before either, his best friend had been gay.

Another scene I need to mention is the one with Alec's mother. It made me laugh, so fricken hard. The whole conversation on her part was weirdly funny. I have never had a conversation like it before and I'm not really sure I would want to.

Overall, this was a really strong story. I loved it! It wasn't perfect for me, but it was pretty damn close and I have a new character to go on my favorites list and I really loved the sex scenes. So, anyway, I would really highly recommend this to anyone who wants a good m/m book.