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Lone - Rowan McBride I loved this book! For me it was perfect, but I do understand why others would have issues with the story. I will warn people now, this book isn't exactly great if you want a straightforward, honest relationship. It was understandable for me but I know others don't like that.

So the story starts with Rafe and Seth. They have bee together three months and there is a secret Seth is keeping from Rafe. You see, the reason he keeps it is because he knows he won't be able to stay with Rafe, but he wants him so badly he keeps a secret. A pretty huge secret at that. And things are good. Rafe protects Seth and loves him. He sees them having a future together.

After Rafe finds out the truth, the relationship changes. He finds it hard to see Seth as the person he fell in love with. Understandable, all of it. I just love the way that was dealt with. Nothing felt rushed or forced to me.

The paranormal aspect in this book is really cool. I'm not talking about regular shifter stories. This has a different style to them. Especially Seth. He's not your typical shifter which is part of the appeal for me. I'm a sucker for shifter/vampire stories, don't get me wrong. But when I can read something new, it's even better.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to those who want to try a different shifter story.