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Paulie - John Inman One of the many things I love about John Inman is the fact he can make me laugh. He has a talent for writing humor and books that are just easy to read and make me want to find more of his books. Don't get me wrong, in [b:A Hard Winter Rain|13455589|A Hard Winter Rain|John Inman|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1331418680s/13455589.jpg|18983975] he proved he can do dark and spooky. But I do have a soft spot for funny books, and I knew from a couple of friends that this was going to be one of them.

I was kind of expecting a GFY book, which it wasn't. I wouldn't even call it an OFY book. It's just a book where Paulie managed to find a guy who didn't know he was gay his whole life. And, for me, that was a nicer change. I love GFY when it's done right, but I also like guys figuring out who they are.

So this is a friends to lovers story (I love that!) and it's done really well. I liked the fact Ben didn't have an issue with his friends being gay, even when he thought he was straight. And the fact the four of them lived together for four years... It was just something that made me think: Even if you weren't gay, I would like you. So the fact he was the love interest made me incredibly happy.

I loved Paulie too. He was a really lovable character and I loved him. He was all worried and nervous about seeing Ben after two years (tiny thing that bothered me) and he was so in love with him it made me smile. And the way he tried to support his friends was great.

Secondary character were really fun too. I was warned about something beforehand, but it didn't bother me. Actually, if I am totally honest, it was really funny. I did like the secondary characters and even if they were a bit... odd. I think Paulie was right in saying they were perfect for each other.

Definitely a book I would highly recommend to those who want a fun read!