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Foxe Fire

Foxe Fire - Haley Walsh It was nice to see Skyler and Keith again. I always found them likable guys and I fell in love with their relationship as well as as them as individual characters.

It was a bit of a relief when I started this book because I knew there wouldn't be a cliffhanger and stuff. Still, that doesn't mean the book ran smoothly and it was sad to see the thing with Zach spiral out of control. I really thought it would be the other way around... but it wasn't, and it kind of threw me and it also made me sad. Still, I guess it could have been worse. But it was a little niggle I had with the book.

Other than the above, I loved it! It was nice to see the family element in it. And the not so surprising thing with Skylar's dad and mom. And then the new member of the SFC. I am starting to wonder if that club will get much bigger. And then I wonder how Keith will handle that. Hopefully better than he handled the whole Zach thing.

So overall, this was another great book in the series! I am having such a great time reading these books and I hope the next book comes out soon.