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A Reason To Stay

A Reason To Stay - R.J. Scott This book was just what I was looking for. It had two great MC's and a plot that kept me glued to my kindle app. And while I loved both Viktor and Aiden, I understand why people didn't like him as much, or at all. He wasn't the easiest guy in the world to like.

There was sexual tension in this book and it was so hot. Possibly the hottest thing in this book, which wasn't a bad thing actually. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I really like when MC's separate for silly reasons and come back together in some way. Most of the time I'm able to understand the reasons, like in this. I think it could be the reason I was able to like Viktor as much as I did.

I thought the MC's were so perfect for each other, even if Viktor didn't want to believe it and Aiden tried to deny it because he was angry (totally understandable, btw). And I liked not knowing how they would get back together, or get together I should probably say since they were never a proper couple. Anyway, I thought the chemistry was definitely there and I enjoyed reading it.

I also think people who like a mystery will enjoy this. There is enough of that here to satisfy fans of mystery. Honestly, I really enjoyed that part of it too. It just kept me hooked and I didn't want this book to finish when it did. And I would highly recommend it for fans of the author and maybe if you enjoyed Sanctuary. Especially since this is a spin off and we had a couple of Sanctuary characters pop up in this one.