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Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart

Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart - Cate Ashwood, Skylar M. Cates This was really, really good. Trey and Liam were a lovely couple and the connection between the MC's was there. The only complaint I have is the length, I would have liked a bit more of the couple. It isn't super short, so you do get a satisfying amount of story. I just felt like I would have loved more of them.

The emotions in the story were really strong and I was rooting for the two of them to get back together. Trey really seemed to be sorry for leaving and I liked that Liam wasn't a total ass about forgiving him. He could have been, and it would have been justifiable, but he wasn't. That was another bonus for me.

This is a really lovely story by two incredible authors. Highly recommended!