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Bodies in Space

Bodies in Space - shukyou So I don't love this like others did. Rick, for me, ruined what could have been an amazing story. I was really enjoying it in the beginning, and then that scene happened and I was just sick! But other than that (which was a big thing really) it was a great read.

For me, Isaac, was really an amazing character and I actually fell in love with him. He was by far a better and more likable character for me. His disability didn't bother me and a better, stronger relationship would have been better. But for me, this was more like a man caring for a friend than an actual relationship.

As for Rick... I really could not like him in the end. He reminds me of the kind of guys I feel like saying that they should just let the other person go. It just doesn't seem fair to me, especially when it hurts the other person so much. I just don't like that sort of thing in stories, so most people probably won't have that issue.

Honestly, even though I really disliked Rick, this story was better than I expected. While the romance wasn't what I would have liked, Isaac and the writing were just two things that brought the story up for me. The author is definitely amazing at what she does. And I am glad I gave this one a ago.