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Willing Hands

Willing Hands - Silvia Violet This was one of the better books in the series. Well, it was for me anyway. I really liked Will and Ryan as two individual characters and as a couple. Ryan went through so much in the past and I feel like Will was really good at helping Ryan through the shit in his head. Nothing felt forced and I was enjoying the read more than some of the other books. But that might change when I re-read them.

The bear shifter thing was nice. It was a really interesting change from the hoarse/wolf shifters in the previous books and even though I liked them, because I really did, it was something new for me. And I really liked it.

I liked the fact we got to keep up to date with the other characters. All couples from the previous books made appearances here. And that was nice. I'm used to only seeing some of the couples sequels, not all of them. And we got an idea of who the couple in the next book will be. It's not as exciting for me as I would have liked. I happen to strongly dislike one of the two men in the couple, so that kinda sucks. But I'll probably get over that minor detail before the next book is released. I hope so, anyway.

Overall, I think fans of the series will enjoy this book. And maybe fans of shifter stories. It was definitely an entertaining read and it kept me wanting more.