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Cross & Crown

Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux Okay, so I'm going to be honest right now and say that I only liked this as much as I did because of Kelly and Julian. I might have liked it a bit more if Cameron had been in this some more, but he wasn't so... That's not to say this isn't a good book. It's just, I'm not a huge fan of Nick and it makes it hard for me to love books where he's an MC. However, he and Kelly are sort of a sweet couple and he does seem to make Kelly happy.

I love Abigail Roux. I have since I read Cut & Run way back when. She gave me Ty and Zane and Cameron and Julian, and now Kelly! So I'll always love her for that. Cross & Crown was not a book I was overly excited for when I first read the blurb. I mean, it sounded like cheating could be on the horizon and if the people who know me know that I despise cheating in my books, but there wasn't any here. There was the potential for it, but nothing happened.

The fact Julian was in this book made me so happy. I couldn't have been happier when I first heard the news and I was glad he didn't take over the book, though I do want more of him. He was... different in this book. Softer and just different. I love Julian, so I don't mind as much. But I can agree with others who think he's not the same Julian.

I'll probably keep reading this series, but it will be for Kelly more than anything. And because it's Abigail Roux and I love her books.