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Stranger on the Shore

Stranger on the Shore - Josh Lanyon 4.5 stars.

I liked the premise of the story and I was excited to get my hands on the book. Honestly, I was just looking forward to reading something that had a decent mystery in it. And this book fit the bill. Was it perfection? For me, no, but it was very, very enjoyable and it was really well written. It was a mystery before a romance, but the romance wasn't uninteresting either. I was actually quite taken with the couple and I wanted to see how things would work with them.

When I started this book I had read very few reviews. I didn't want to spoil the mystery of everything, but I managed to figure it out for myself, some of it anyway, before everything was revealed. Hints are dropped along the way and it doesn't take much to figure out some things. Still, not everything connected with me beforehand and that was a relief.

The romance between Griff and Pierce was enjoyable, to say the least. They were suited for each other and in other ways they weren't. There was a line close to the end, one I cannot put here because it would be a spoiler, but it summed them up perfectly for me.

Anyway, this is definitely an enjoyable story by a really great author. I'd recommend it to those who love the author or just love a good mystery. I'm so glad I read this one and I cannot wait to read a few more of his books coming up in the next few months.