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Being Chase

Being Chase - J.J. Scotts 4 I WANT MORE STARS!

So I was surprised by this book when I read it. I was expecting sexual tension, but I thought it would get on my nerves by the end. Actually, it was really well done and it made the book enjoyable, fun even, for me to read. JJ managed to make me want more sexual tension. And normally I want it to end and for the MC's to get together. Don't get me wrong, I really want them together, but I can wait until the next book. Maybe longer if I have as much fun with book 2.

Chase was another surprise. His arrogance was... surprisingly good. I'm interested in him and he was a character I really liked. There appears to be a secret or two there, and I think that is something I will be waiting to find out. He seems to be worth it, though. So I hope I won't end up hating him or anything.

As for Liam, he was a really good protagonist. I loved the fact he was actually older than Chase. Not by much, but still... His voice was really clear and I enjoyed reading this book from his POV. His attraction to Chase mixed with his desire to stay away from Chase made me want to read more. I wanted to see if he would be able to stay away, or if Chase would win out in the end. I think the author could do a lot of great things with these two characters if she chooses to do so. Whether she will or not, I guess I'll have to wait for the next book to see.

The ending... it was a cliffhanger, a very entertaining cliffhanger, but not something that left me screaming. Was I happy about that? Yes, actually. It's nice to see a cliffhanger ending that leaves me with a smile on my face, which doesn't happen very often. I think it was a great way to leave people wanting more, though. I, for one, want to see what will happen with these two characters, and if they will get their act together or not.

ARC provided by the author for a fair and honest review.