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His Grandfather's Watch

His Grandfather's Watch - N.R. Walker Damn this was good. I love emotional stories and this was definitely emotional. It could have gone so wrong especially with Billy and Hale's story at the end.

The first story was emotional in its own way, but the second story... Damn! Even though it was very hard for me to read, I thought N.R. Walker did an amazing job with the second story as well as the first. Where the first one had me smiling, the second one made me feel very sad and emotional in general.

Alex and Callum were the cutest. I loved Alex's family and the supportive, embarrassing family they were. Their presence in the book was a huge bonus. The relationship between Callum and Alex left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. And I just adored both of those characters. That's another thing N.R. Walker is good at, making me fall in love with both MC's.

The thing with the watch and the initials... I did kinda guess who the B was after I heard the second name. And I thought Callum's granny was a great older character and her part in both stories was very... tragic almost. I felt like she was a beautiful character and I wish she'd had her own happy ending.

Overall, this was a really great story and I think the ending of both was perfect!