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Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart - N.R. Walker N.R. Walker has done it again! Not only has she made me fall in love with yet another couple, but she has also left me wanting more! But the good news is, she is planning a sequel to this one. See the last page of the book for proof.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what I can say about this book. My words just cannot describe how much I love the author and her work. I'm a sucker for sweet characters and characters who have demons. Well, maybe demons isn't the right word here. Charlie has the ghost of his father weighing him down and ruining his life. And all of it stemmed from the last thing his father ever said to him. My heart ached for Charlie when I realized why he had the issues he had, it must have been so hard for him to live his life like that. I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him it was going to be okay. And it was... it really was.

And then there was Travis. Travis was perfect for Charlie. He was just a solid person. And that's what Charlie needed. I loved the unwavering support Travis gave Charlie, even when he didn't ask for it. It was nice to see a character who couldn't stand by his man and not use it against him. Travis could have easily given up or tried to push Charlie unfairly. But he didn't. In the end, he did push. But it was something that needed to be done. And it came at just the right time in the story.

Of course I couldn't forget about George and Ma. They were the perfect parents! For Charlie at least. I fell in love with those two and I was so happy they were so important to the story. I don't think this story would have been the same without Ma and George. It just wouldn't. They did what Charlie's real parents failed to do.

Overall, I adored this story, these characters, and their journey. I loved the Aussie terms especially yank, which isn't exactly an Aussie term because we use it in Ireland too... They just added something to the overall feel to the story and, yeah, it was perfection. I want more!!!