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Un-Expected - Lisa Worrall Honestly, I really love the title of this book. It fits the book and possibly new readers to the author. Anyone who has read some of her previous works know that she likes to surprise her readers. And if I'm honest, I was surprised! I knew the blurb was misleading, but it never crossed my mind that Selena was who she was. Not once. But I thought it was actually a nice twist on something that could have been really obvious to me.

Micah and Harry were a sweet couple. They'd been together in college, but then Harry dumped Micah, leaving him heartbroken. And then they meet six years later when Harry moves to Micah's home village. Things are complicated because it looks like Harry has a pregnant wife... but as I said, things are not as they seem and Selena is not who she first appears to be. I was actually pleasantly surprised when Harry told Micah who she was. And once everything is out there, the two men reconcile. After that, we get a mixture of fun, sweet, and dark scenes. But the dark ones flowed really well with the overall story.

Also, I loved the whole thing with Harry's dad. It added some drama to the story and it explained the whole Harry breaking up with Micah thing, and it also meant Harry was still a likable character. Which doesn't always happen when a character breaks up with someone who loves him. But I do know not everyone will agree with me and some of what happened to Harry is quite dark, so people should be aware of that.

Overall, this was a very interesting and entertaining story. I enjoyed watching Micah and Harry come together again. I loved waiting to see what would happen, and I was glad when I finished this book with a smile on my face.