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Marshall's Park, The Complete Series

Marshall's Park, The Complete Series - Lisa Worrall This series put a huge smile on my face and made me fall in love with all three characters. So even though I don't really love kids in books, Kaylee was just the perfect little girl here. I think she made this series extra funny and I adored Aiden's relationship with her. It was so strong and wonderful.

Then the Finn and Aiden aspect was really fun. They were sweet, funny, and I enjoyed watching them build a future. The obstacles that they faced seemed very real, but there was also something easy about them. Sometimes it's nice to read a series that can make you laugh but also has a really nice couple in it. And The Marshall's Park series was just that for me. It was everything I could want for an easy, fun read. And I plan on re-reading it very soon.

There is just something about this series for me. I understand it probably won't be for everyone. But I had so much fun reading this series and since the full edition has been released, it makes it so much easier to read one story right after the other.