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Covert Delivery

Covert Delivery - Draven St. James *sigh* I'm just so happy after reading this book. It was sorta what I expected, but it still surprised me. I've loved everything this author has written so far and I was thrilled when I read the blurb for this. I expected more issues with Aspen and Garren as they tried to figure everything out. But this was actually not the case, at least for me.

Everything with Aspen's father was done well and it added some drama to the story. I wasn't sure how that would all be resolved, but I was happy enough with the conclusion.

Aspen and Garren were very hot together while still being sweet. I enjoyed watching them come together and the little struggle they had, it felt real and it wasn't annoying like it can be sometimes. And Garren's story was so sad. I was so glad he was open with Aspen about his past, really, really glad.

I wish I could write a better review for this, but I'm not doing so good with reviews right now. But I would highly recommend this book. It was a nice read with some steamy sex scenes and a great couple.