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The Worst Thing I Ever Did

The Worst Thing I Ever Did - RemainNameless So, um, this was good. Really good. And I'm pretty sure Sterek fans will enjoy this. Heck, maybe even some non-Sterek fans would like it. It would just be a bit confusing and possibly spoilerish if you read this and don't watch Teen Wolf or maybe if you haven't kept up with the series.

So anyway, this was basically all about sex and Sterek and some more sex. But you kind of feel the emotion in it, even if sex is basically a huge part of it. Plus you get some really funny moments and it's well written. So you don't really lose out on a good story just because there's a lot of sex in this.

And for a proper review that sums up my feelings, you should check out Nina's review because she summed it up better than I can and I agree with her on this.