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His Hearth

His Hearth - Mary Calmes I really enjoyed this. Mary Calmes is one of those authors that I just enjoy reading. Her books tend to have similar MC's and I enjoy that because it normally means I'll enjoy her books.

I don't read books like this one a lot, but it was MC and so I knew I would try it eventually. And I was so happy I enjoyed it. Yeah, this wasn't my favorite book or couple by this author, but I did love reading it. Ryan and Julian had some really great sexual tension followed by some really steamy sex. Could they have been developed a bit better? Sure, but I liked this couple and I did keep in mind that it wasn't overly long either.

There are paranormal/fantasy aspects of this story that added a bit of action to everything. Nothing felt overboard to me, but I know some people won't enjoy it as much as I did. But I, for one, am looking forward to the rest of the series and I hope I will enjoy them like I did this one.