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Slow Burn

Slow Burn - Talia Carmichael Slow Burn isn't my favorite in the Impressions series, but it's not the worst either. Actually, out of the three that I rated three stars, this one would probably be my favorite. Why? Well, I love Niall and he was both mentioned and appeared in this, so it made the book a lot more enjoyable for me.

I loved the friends to lovers things, the misunderstanding with the father, and the acceptance from Gregory that he wanted Braden. So why three stars, you might ask. Well, this was just too short for me to give it any more. Yes, it covered everything and closed things off. But I prefer something I could really get in to. And with this, I was into it and then it ended.

So would I recommend this? I would say, if you like the rest of the series, yes. But if you want to see what you think of this series, read one of the first three books.